Transfer Credits, Course Substitution, and Waivers

Previously Completed Graduate Course Work

Transfer Credits

Generally, students may transfer a maximum of 12 credit hours to a degree program at UIW. Additionally, students must meet the residence requirement in which a minimum of one-third of the degree plan, exclusive of prerequisites, must be earned at the University of the Incarnate Word. The number of credit hours transferred to a UIW degree plan may vary from program to program. Programs may determine the allotted amount of transfer credit hours, not to exceed the institutional maximum of 12 hours.  


Students eligible to transfer credits are those who have previously completed graduate course work at other degree-granting institutions accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education if post-secondary education was completed in the United States, or the equivalent at an international institution that is officially recognized by that country.


Transferred units must come from courses that are equivalent to or closely related to those required by the UIW degree. Credit hours cannot be transferred if they were previously used to satisfy a degree program, nor can they be used to satisfy more than one program.


Transfer credit is allowed only for courses with a grade of “B” or better. Credit hours normally taken in an undergraduate program may not be transferred as graduate credit. Generally, graduate transfer credit that is more than seven (7) years old may not be used to complete a degree. Transfer for work of older courses may be considered depending on the nature of the course. This older coursework must be submitted to program faculty for consideration, and the program director will make a recommendation about the transfer of credit to the Director of Graduate Studies. The Director of Graduate Studies will send notice of acceptance or rejection to the Registrar, who will make appropriate changes to the student transcript.


The University of the Incarnate Word, St. Mary’s University, Our Lady of the Lake University, and Oblate School of Theology maintain a cooperative enterprise for undergraduate and graduate learning as the United Colleges of San Antonio. The consortium is a confederation composed of the independent colleges of liberal arts and sciences, specialized schools for professional training, and libraries and research institutions, cooperating with each other. In accordance with the agreement of the United Colleges of San Antonio, up to twelve (12) credit hours may be accepted from these institutions with prior approval of the program director and the Director of Graduate Studies. Transferred credits cannot reduce the minimum requirement for courses taken at UIW.


A University of the Incarnate Word student who wishes to take courses at another institution with the intention of transferring them to UIW must have the approval of the program director and the Director of Graduate Studies before registering for such courses.


Transfer of credit requests are recommended by the program director to the Director of Graduate Studies for final approval. The Director of Graduate Studies then finalizes the decision and sends notice of acceptance or rejection to the Registrar for appropriate changes to the student transcript.


Exceptions to this policy require the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Course Substitution 

A course substitution is requested when transfer of certain courses into UIW do not fulfill a degree requirement or are needed to fulfill credit hours. Course substitutions are discussed during academic advising. Approved from the Advisor and Department Chair and/or Dean are required. 

Waiver of Course Requirements

Courses taken toward the post baccalaureate degree that are equivalent to the courses for a UIW program of study may satisfy the program course requirements, but not the credit hour requirements, of the degree. The program director submits the student petition for a course substitution to the Dean of the College or School for review. If it is accepted, the Registrar is notified to make appropriate changes to the student’s degree plan. Credit hours will still need to be obtained through taking another course or courses within the discipline.

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