Schedule Adjustment

Students are expected to complete all courses for which they register unless they specifically and officially alter their original registration. Students may not attend class without first registering for that class. All registration issues must be resolved by the Friday before finals. In no instance will an enrollment be created for students who complete course work without registering for the class. Registrations may be altered through three processes: adding a class or classes, dropping a class or classes, or withdrawing from the University.

Add Procedure

After a student has registered for classes, he/she may change his/her schedule by either adding or dropping a class or classes. In each instance, an official form, the add slip, must be completed by the student and approved by the student’s advisor. In instances where the intended class is closed, the instructor’s and Dean’s signatures are also required. No add is considered official until the Registrar’s Office receives the approved form. The last day to add a class for any given semester is printed in the Schedule of Classes.

Drop Procedure

 The drop slip is required when students want to drop a class or classes and remain enrolled in at least one course for the semester. See the “Withdrawal” section for withdrawing from the university completely. To drop a class or classes, the student needs his/her advisor’s signature. No drop is considered official until the Registrar’s Office receives the approved form. The last day to drop for any given semester is printed in the Schedule of Classes. The last day to drop a class and receive a refund is also printed in the Schedule of Classes. Students who drop a course or courses after the last day to drop a course with a refund will be charged for the course they drop. Students who drop a course or courses before the “Last Day to Drop a Course with a “W” will receive a grade of “W.” After this final date, the calculation of the final grade will reflect requirements for the entire course.

Withdrawal Procedure

An official withdrawal indicates a student’s desire to be removed from all classes in which he/she is enrolled for a semester. Students may withdraw from the University without academic penalty through the Friday before finals. In this case, the student will receive a grade of “W” for all courses attempted. In no instance may a student withdraw from classes after finals have begun.

  • CONSEQUENCES OF WITHDRAWING: A withdrawal affects both a student’s bill as well as any financial aid the student may have received. Students may or may not be eligible for a refund or a reduction of charges based upon the date of the withdrawal. The refund schedule defines the amount of tuition and fees (if any) to be refunded based on the date of withdrawal. A separate Return of Title IV calculation must be processed on any financial aid the student has received and may result in the student having a balance with the University after withdrawing.
  • A student’s withdrawal from the University will be considered as occurring the day the student turns in the withdrawal form to the Office of Student Success (for undergraduate students) or to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (for graduate, doctorate, and professional students). The student must obtain a signature from the appropriate office before the student’s withdrawal will be considered official.
  • If a student attends class in any semester and then withdraws or earns zero credit after aid has been disbursed, the student may be required to return any funds received, including funds credited to pay tuition and fees.
  • Financial aid must be used for educationally related expenses during the dates of student enrollment. Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to calculate the amount of aid the student “earned” for the number of days attended. Any “unearned” aid for when the student did not attend classes or were not enrolled must be repaid.
  • If the student withdraws before the start of the semester or never attends any classes, 100% of aid disbursed to the student must be repaid. If a repayment is owed, the student will be billed by the Business Office. The student may not register and is not eligible for further aid until repayment is made in full. Additionally, UIW may also report the student to a collection agency until UIW receives full funds and the student balance is cleared.
  • Exit interviews are required to complete the withdrawal process. If the student received a Perkins loan, complete the exit interview online at If the student received the Stafford and/or Graduate PLUS loans, complete an exit interview online at

Students who stop attending without properly withdrawing from the university will receive a grade and will be responsible for full payment of all tuition, fees, and other charges. The return of title IV calculation may require the student to return some of the aid received (see withdrawals and refunds). Students are responsible for their grades and all charges whether they attend class or not.