Auditing Courses

Admitted and non-admitted students may register for lecture courses as auditors.

Auditing courses are available to non-student, part-time or full-time students. Auditors who are non-students or are enrolled in a part-time status pay 50% of regular tuition for lecture courses and any associated course fees; however, full tuition is charged for limited enrollment, private instruction and studio courses. No credit is awarded for audited courses. If a student desires credit, he or she must repeat the course and pay the regular tuition.

An auditor may attend lecture classes but does not submit papers or take examinations. Auditors may participate in class discussion only upon invitation of the instructor. Audited courses are not applicable towards a degree, and permission to audit does not constitute admission to the university. A course that has been audited is not part of the official academic record of the university.

Audit courses follow the deadline for "Last day for 100% Refund” for any undergraduate and graduate courses. Deadlines may be found in the Main Campus Schedule of Classes (see Academic Calendar).

Full-time students may audit one lecture course (3-4 hours) per session (fall, spring, summer) at no cost. Any course fees associated with this enrollment will be the responsibility of the student.

Students are allowed to combine their total number of hours within a respective session to determine their full-time status. Main Campus undergraduates are considered full-time with a minimum of twelve (12) enrolled hours. Main Campus graduate students are considered full-time with a minimum of six (6) enrolled hours and doctoral students are considered full-time when enrolled in a minimum of six (6) hours when in pre-candidacy coursework, and three (3) hours in dissertation writing. If a full-time student falls under banded tuition and, with the audit class, does not exceed a total of eighteen (18) hours, no discount will be granted. See: Enrollment.

Students enrolled in Extended Academic Programs will be allowed to audit courses within those programs. Audit discounts are not applicable to UIW Online courses.

The deadline for changing enrollment in a course from graded to audit status is published in the Academic Calendar.

The following regulations apply to auditing:

  • Students are not allowed to audit practica, tutorials, internships, theses, clinicals, computer or science labs, and similar courses.
  • Students seeking to audit a course must obtain written approval from the instructor.
  • Auditors pay full tuition for limited enrollment, private instruction and studio courses, and will be charged 50% of regular tuition for all other courses. Auditors pay all course fees.
  • Full-time students at UIW may audit one course (3 credit hours) per term free, with the exception of courses specified above. Additional audit courses are charged as described above.