Student Life Programs

The commitment made by the University to the education of the individual includes the development of the whole person. The administration, faculty, and staff recognize that the student is not merely a recipient of knowledge, but a developing individual preparing for a larger role in society beyond the University experience. To this end, the University provides a variety of services and programs that are designed to assist the individual in the process of development and to enable the student to make the best possible use of the University experience.

Behavioral Health and Counseling Services

The ever-challenging demands of growth, change, and the expanding horizons of learning are at times stressful, and often require an adjustment of attitudes and coping skills. We are here to help you succeed! Our staff of professional counselors are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

The services offered by the Counseling Center include individual/couples/family counseling, referral to needed mental health resources, crisis assessment, learning assessment, and assessments for social-emotional fitness to practice in the health care professions and other fields. The counselors can help with a variety of concerns including adjustment to university life, stress management, treatment of mental health or emotional issues, grief and loss, eating disorders, substance abuse, and many more.

It is the Center's philosophy that each person should be encouraged and given the opportunity to take responsibility for his/her own decision-making process and lifestyle. The Counseling Center staff facilitate this process in an environment of outstanding and confidentiality through personal counseling. Our counselors are also available to provide a variety of psycho-educational workshops, faculty/staff training, and outreach. Consultation services are also available to faculty, staff, and administrators.

Counseling services are available to students enrolled at the University of the Incarnate Word and its affiliate high schools. Please visit for more details.


Campus Engagement


Inherent in the development of each student is the opportunity to learn leadership skills and to participate in campus activities. The Campus Engagement office provides students with a wide range of opportunities to participate in campus life. The Student Government Association serves as the representative voice for students, while the Campus Activities Board plans student activities that provide social interaction and celebrate university community. The Student Center, operated by students, offers a wide range of programming options for students to engage one another in a social environment. There are numerous groups to join, including academic, athletic, honor societies, multicultural, political, professional service, social, special interest and Greek organizations. Other activities offered include leadership workshops and Cardinal Camp for freshmen and transfer students.


Campus Ministry


The University of the Incarnate Word, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, is committed to encouraging the personal faith life of all its members and affirms the spirituality of its students, faculty, and staff members of varying religious backgrounds and persuasions. Campus ministers and student peer ministers form a searching, believing, loving, worshiping presence on campus so that intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth can flourish. The UIW community fosters initiative and participation in the areas of spiritual development, self-realization, worship, ethics, social justice, and Christian service.


Intercollegiate Athletics:


The University of the Incarnate Word is a Division I member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The university competes in the Southland Conference (SLC) in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, women's soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. Men's soccer competes in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and swimming and diving competes in the Coastal Collegiate Sports Association (CCSA). UIW also sponsors synchronized swimming, fencing, cheer and dance.


All sports offer some athletic scholarship assistance; however, prospective student-athletes are encouraged to complete and mail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline. UIW's academic scholarships are awarded based upon GPA and SAT/ACT test scores.


All prospective freshmen student-athletes must apply to the NCAA Eligibility Center for initial eligibility certification. Admission to the University does not constitute or guarantee athletic eligibility certification or participation. Student-athletes must meet all NCAA eligibility criteria in order to become initially eligible and remain eligible for competition.


Since NCAA regulations and rules are subject to change or modification on an annual basis, specific questions regarding athletic eligibility status should be directed to UIW’s Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance.


Intramural Activities


The Office of Professional Development and Career Services offers a variety of programs to help prepare UIW students and alumni to seek professional employment. Program staff guide students and alumni in developing effective job seeking skills, including cover letter writing, resume development, and interviewing. For those uncertain about their career aspirations, assessments are available to help identify appropriate majors. The office also coordinates internship opportunities with the academic programs. 


Student Conduct and Discipline


Membership in the University of the Incarnate Word community is both a right and a privilege. It is a right for those who qualify and a privilege for those willing to accept and abide by the philosophy and standards of the University. As community members, students have the responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations of the community and treat all community members with respect and human dignity.


Each member of the University of the Incarnate Word community is expected to assume responsibility for her/his own conduct, and also feel a reasonable Christian responsibility for the behavior of others. On occasion, this may involve kind, courteous admonition when one member observes another in inappropriate conduct. On another occasion, it may involve cooperation when proper authorities are investigating instances of alleged misconduct.


The University seeks to balance the rules that are necessary to function effectively in an educational community with each individual’s right to personal freedom. The University expects each student to behave as a responsible member of an academic community at all times. Community regulations are designed to guide the growth and development of individual responsibility, not to restrict individual freedom. The University’s policies on alcohol and drug use, sexual harassment, and other issues are published in the UIW Student Handbook. Continued membership in the University of the Incarnate Word community is contingent upon responsible behavior. The Director of Student Advocacy and Accountability has been delegated primary operational responsibility for student discipline.


Student Housing


On-campus housing is available upon request for full-time students (enrolled in 12 hrs per semester. Part-time students are permitted on a space-available basis. Eleven halls are provided; Agnese/Sosa, AVOCA apartments, Clement, Dubuis, Hillside, Joeris, McComb's, St. Joseph's Sky View, Township apartments, and Watson Lofts. Information on the amenities available in each hall can be found on the Residence Life website.


All residence hall students will be required to purchase a meal plan each semester. Room assignments are made based upon application and deposit dates without regard to race, creed, or national origin. Although most students have roommates, single rooms are also available. If rooms and apartments reach maximum capacity, a housing priority list will be maintained with preference given to out-of-town students. All international students are strongly encouraged to live in campus housing while they are at UIW. 


Professionally trained staff and student Resident Assistants supervise and oversee the residence halls. The Residents Assistants (RAs) host fun events in the hall twice a month, bring residents to campus events, and serve as a role model and resource for all of out residents! The Residence Life Handbook provides students with information policies regarding the residence halls. During some holidays and semester breaks, the residence halls close at 3:00 p.m. on the last day of classes until noon on the day preceding resumption of class breaks. Housing during these periods will be provided for an additional charge. Housing is available during the summer session.


Further information on students housing is available by contacting the Director of Residence Life and Housing Operations in the Campus Life Office.


Student Identification Cards


Each enrolled student is provided with an official University Identification Card enabling the student to attend University functions and utilize University facilities and services. ID cards can be used to purchase food on campus, check out books from the library, and gain entry into the residence halls, Wellness Center, natatorium, athletics events, and theatre performances. The first ID is free and is available in the Student Success Campus Life Office.


All entering first-year and transfer students have an opportunity to receive an ID card during Orientation. At the request of a University official, students are required to present this card as evidence of student status at UIW. Failure to present an ID could result in disciplinary action. Lost, misplaced, or missing ID could result in disciplinary action. There is a charge to replace to lost ID card. Delay in reporting a lost ID card would result in misuse of your card. The University ID. Alterations to the card, false representation in obtaining and/or using the car are forbidden. Misuse may result in forfeiture of the card and disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from the University.