Graduate Certificate Programs

General Information

With the approval of the appropriate College or School Dean, certificates may be presented to students in recognition of their attendance at special not-for-credit seminars or continuing educational professional development and in recognition of their earning credit hours in UIW courses offered in a particular field or fields.

The announcement of the receipt or awarding of a certificate will not appear on the transcript, even when the certificate attests to earning credit hours for UIW courses. When appropriate, for-credit courses taken to earn a certificate may be considered as fulfilling the requirements of a degree program only if the student applies to, meets admission requirements of, and is accepted into the program.

Candidates for the graduate certificate are expected to assume responsibility for knowing policies governing their program, registration, change of schedule, withdrawal, and other UIW policies and procedures. For information about their curriculum and graduate policies, students may contact their program director or the Director of Graduate Studies.

All students taking graduate courses and seeking a certificate must apply for admission to graduate studies. Applicants may have to meet additional requirements set by the school or college from which the certificate is being issued. See specific program of interest for requirements and procedures.

More Information

Select an individual program to view complete requirements for that degree.

To view the general requirements for admission to a certificate program, select this link: Graduate Admissions.

To view the academic policies and procedures governing attendance in post-baccalaureate programs, select this link: Academic Policies and Procedures.