Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Programs

Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's (ABM) Degree Programs provide opportunities for academically prepared and motivated undergraduate students to complete degree requirements for both the bachelor and master’s degrees simultaneously at an accelerated pace. Student knowledge and skill level is reinforced by linking the curricula of undergraduate and graduate programs, and students can complete both programs sooner and at less expense than if they enrolled in both programs separately. Students accepted into an ABM program are eligible to complete 9 designated graduate hours while enrolled as an undergraduate, which will then be utilized to fulfill both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. After the completion of the designated hours, students are formally admitted to graduate study.

General eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Students must have completed a minimum of 75 credit hours in their undergraduate program.
  2. Transfer students must have completed a minimum of one semester as a full-time student at UIW.
  3. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.

Students hoping to enroll in ABM programs must contact their advisor—prior to filling out an application—to identify the appropriate term of enrollment. This will be the first term the student is enrolled in exclusively graduate courses. For specific information regarding application materials, deadlines, and managing their formal admittance to graduate studies, contact the program director within the master’s program.

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