Religious Studies

Religious Studies Course Descriptions

In keeping with the University's mission, the Department of Religious Studies has a two-fold mission: to familiarize students with the Roman Catholic tradition within the broader religious and global context in which they live, and to expose students to the multidimensional and interdisciplinary methods used within the fields of religious studies and theology.

Since the University of the Incarnate Word is a Roman Catholic university, the faculty believes it necessary to provide the general student body with an opportunity to understand this tradition. We believe our students must come to terms with the reality of diversity, both religious and cultural. Introductory department courses are designed to help them achieve these goals.

Students interested in majoring in Religious Studies must be familiar with a variety of dimensions of the field and be acquainted with a number of critical methodologies applicable to the study of religion. Knowledge of both areas provides an academic foundation for advanced study in religious studies and theology. Advanced courses are designed to help them fulfill these goals.