IX. Extended Academic Programs

The division of Extended Academic Programs (EAP) makes high quality accelerated educational opportunities readily available to working adults who wish to obtain their university degree or gain professional certifications. EAP’s mission is to expand both programmatically and geographically to meet the professional development needs of local and global populations. This is accomplished by developing new delivery formats for existing majors, designing new majors through joint agreements with other educational institutions and businesses, and developing non-degreed continuing education or developmental programs certifications are only a few of the opportunities offered. n

EAP is composed of one schools: the School of Professional Studies (SPS), which houses degree programs in business, criminal justice, health sciences, psychology and a continuing education function known as the Office of Personal Development (OPD).  SPS offers innovative educational modalities that may include accelerated programs during the day, evening, weekend, online, and blended.

Qualified students enrolled in SPS will benefit from reduced tuition with no academic fees. Free textbooks are given to all undergraduate students.

Accelerated military programs are delivered to active duty, active reserve, active guard, and civilian Department of Defense personnel. In the event that such a student is accepted, it will be stipulated by the University that the student is the holder of at least a high school diploma/GED based on program requirements and assurances. Age restrictions will not always apply when these students are demonstrated to be good candidates for the accelerated learning environment. Students will be accepted for Non-Degree seeking status upon presentation to the program. Students who are attending another host institution in the program are permitted to take courses at the university and are not required to submit a letter of "good standing" or official transcripts. Additionally, they are not limited to 24 semester hours, per institutional agreement with each program. Conditions for admission, both Conditional and Unconditional, are identical to those stated above.