Financial Aid

Website: Office of Financial Aid

Three basic categories of financial support are offered through the Office of Financial Assistance: (1) scholarships, (2) loans, and (3) employment. In our attempts to meet a student’s financial need, they may be awarded individually or in combination with other programs in the form of a financial assistance package.


Graduate and Doctoral students may be eligible for scholarships from private and government sources. Most of these are designed for particular personal characteristics, career objectives or programs of study. For further details, contact the Office of Financial Assistance.


Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

  • Borrower is responsible for interest that accrues during deferment periods (including time in school) and during 6-month grace period.
  • Must be enrolled at least half-time.
  • Fixed interest rate set by the Department of Education July 1 of each year.
  • Repayment begins 6 months after graduation or when student is no longer enrolled at least half-time,
  • Borrower is responsible for interest that accrues during deferment periods (including time in school) and during grace period.
  • Not need-based, but FAFSA must be filed before application.
  • No credit check required.
  • Funded directly through the Department of Education.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

  • Must be enrolled at least half-time.
  • Fixed interest rate set by the Department of Education July 1 of each year.
  • Repayment begins 60 days after graduation or when student is no longer enrolled at least half-time.
  • Borrower is responsible for interest that accrues during deferment periods (including time in school) and during grace period.
  • Not need-based, but FAFSA must be filed before application.
  • Modest credit check required, option to add endorser if credit denied.


  • Federal Work-Study Program.
  • Must be enrolled half-time.
  • Positions available are typically on campus.
  • Based on demonstrated financial need.

Payment Options

In addition to Financial Assistance and Work-Study programs, UIW accepts cash, *check, and credit cards for payment of tuition and fees. Payments sent by mail should be forwarded to: UIW Business Office, 4301 Broadway, CPO 291, San Antonio, Texas 78209. All checks must include the student’s name, account number, and specific term to insure proper credit to account. *Drop Box located next to Room 190 in Administration Building. Credit cards accepted are: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Secured Web payments for tuition and fees are accepted with your UIW pin number. UIW offers students the option to pay their student accounts via the UIW ePayment Center, accessible through the MyWord portal. Username for the MyWord portal is the prefix to the students UIW email; password is the same as the UIW email password. For BannerWeb, if you have already been issued a PIN number you may use this same number to gain access to this screen. Students with no PIN number should contact the Registrar’s Office at (210) 829-6006.

The UIW Tuition Payment Plan offers students a way to divide their payments into installments. It is the responsibility of the student to enroll in a payment plan each semester. Failure to remit these payments may result in withholding of credits, transcripts, diplomas, and a late payment fee each month for not submitting tuition payments as agreed. However, this will not exempt students from liability for those charges. Enrollment into the UIW Tuition Payment Plan may include an application fee. Students may access the UIW ePayment Center to enroll in a payment plan. For additional information, direct your browser to, visit the Business Office, or call (210) 826-6043.

Payment Policy

  1. Tuition is due on the first day of class or payment plan must be finalized by the 100% drop date (refer to academic calendar for dates).
  2. Students who have not met their total financial obligations to UIW will not be permitted to enroll for a subsequent academic term and current registration is subject to cancellation.
  3. Withdrawal without proper notice entails failure in all courses for the semester, and the student is held liable for the full payment of tuition, fees and other charges.
  4. Students must pay their financial obligation to UIW to have diplomas and transcripts released.
  5. In addition, if payment is not made in full, students may be prohibited from participating in the graduation ceremony.
  6. The student agrees to assume liability for any debt incurred during his/her attendance at UIW.
  7. In the event of a delinquency or default, the student will pay all reasonable costs of collection including but not limited to attorney fees and necessary court costs.

Account Statements and Disputes

The University of the Incarnate Word will send each student a statement of the student account on a monthly basis through the ePayment Center (a notification advising that your bill is available will be sent via Cardinal email). The statement will serve as a full accounting of the student account activity for the period. Each student must review the statement promptly and notify the Business Office immediately at the telephone number or address provided on the statement of any errors or omissions in the statement. If any student does not receive a statement when it is due, the student should notify the Business Office promptly. Students are responsible for providing UIW with the most current address and telephone number.

Any student must report any disputed item to the Business Office within 60 days after the disputed item appears on the student’s statement. If the student fails to report a disputed item, he or she may not claim any liability on the part of UIW in connection with university handling of the item in dispute. Before the university will consider making a refund or credit to the student because of a claimed discrepancy, the student must give UIW a written statement containing any reasonable information UIW may require (i.e. name, Student ID number, term and discrepancy).

Returned Items/Insufficient Funds

When the bank for any reason returns a check, a nonrefundable returned check service charge is assessed. The student is given 10 days from the date of notice to make full payment by cash, money order or cashier’s check. Once the student has had returned checks, UIW reserves the right not to accept any personal checks from the student for future payments. Returned checks not paid will be submitted for collection.

Important Notes about Financial Aid policies & Billing Practices

The aid package you receive is based on information currently on file with the Financial Assistance Office. Your aid package will be revised and/or nullified if you:

  1. Change or reduce semester hours;
  2. Drop housing status and/or meal plan;
  3. Receive grants, scholarships, or other aid from any source not on file with the Office of Financial Assistance;
  4. Do not maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by Federal Financial Aid regulations. Stop by the Office of Financial Assistance or visit and go to the financial assistance web page for more details.

Please check with the Office of Financial Assistance about the impact of these or other changes as they might have a serious impact on the aid you receive.

It is the responsibility of the student to apply for financial aid every award year. The University does not arrange financial aid for the student. It is the student and his/her family who must apply using the appropriate form(s) to receive consideration for financial aid, whether offered by a federal agency or a lending institution. Applications for financial assistance should normally be submitted by the student prior to the April 1 priority deadline for the coming school year in order to insure availability of funds. Prospective students may call the Office of Financial Assistance if they need appropriate forms or more information.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Refunds will be determined after the 100% drop date has ended, after funds are disbursed to your account, or 14 days after the first day of class for the current semester, whichever is later. All refunds are mailed to the primary residence address on file or you may submit an authorization for direct deposit (forms are available online at the Business Office webpage).

A student’s withdrawal from the university will be considered as occurring the day she or he submits a completed official withdrawal form to the Office of Graduate Studies. Forms for adding or dropping courses are available in the Registrar’s Office or online. Notice to an instructor or any other office does not cancel registration or a student’s contract with the Business Office.


Students who withdraw during the 100% refund period of the term will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. All aid received will be canceled and returned to its source. After the 100% drop date, there is no refund of tuition and fees, and students who have received Title IV funding may be subject to an additional reduction of aid funds. Please see the Academic Calendar for a schedule of specific refund dates.

Meal Plans

The unused portion of a meal plan purchased in the summer or fall terms may be used in the following spring term, but unused meal points at the end of the spring semester are forfeited and not refundable. Meal plans are not transferable. When a resident student withdraws from UIW, the lesser of the unused portion or prorated amount of the meal plan will be credited to the student’s account.

Examples of refund calculations are available in the Business Office.

Appeals to Refund Policy

Contact the Business Office for exceptions to the withdrawal and refund policy due to medical or other extenuating circumstances.

Return of Title IV Funds

As a requirement set forth by the Department of Education, the Office of Financial Assistance is required to return a percentage of Federal Financial Aid that was disbursed to students who have completely withdrawn from UIW or have stopped attending all classes (unofficial withdrawal). The amount of aid returned is determined by the following formula:

Number of days attended / Total days in the semester = % of aid “earned.”

Any aid above and beyond this amount must be returned to its source. Additionally, if you receive a partial or full refund of tuition and fees, any State or Institutional grants must be reduced by the percentage of refund you received. Please call the office of Financial Assistance at (210) 829-6008 if you have any questions about the effect of a withdrawal on your financial aid.

Please remember that withdrawals affect your future status of Satisfactory Academic Progress. For more information about Satisfactory Academic Progress, please see A Student Guide to Financial Assistance at UIW, available here,, or the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy available here:

The amounts owed for a Title IV return will be refunded to their sources in the following order:

Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans

Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans

Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans

Subsidized Direct Stafford Loans

Federal Perkins Loans

Federal PLUS loan for Graduate Students

Direct PLUS loan for Graduate Students

Federal Parent PLUS Loans

Direct Parent PLUS Loans

Federal PELL Grants

Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant

Federal National SMART Grant

Federal SEOG Grants

Federal TEACH Grants

State, Private and Institutional Aid

Student Payments

Parent Payments

Students who withdraw and have received financial assistance must complete an exit counseling session. This requirement can be fulfilled at; students log in to their account and select the “Complete Exit Counseling” link. In addition, students who received an institutional loan such as Perkins, Ralston, Nursing, or Faculty Nursing, and are not planning to attend the forthcoming semester, or are planning to graduate, are required to complete an electronic exit interview. Please call the Business Office at (210) 829-6084 if you have any questions.

Late Disbursement of Federal Loans and Grants, Private or State Financial Aid:

The Office of Financial Assistance will determine the amounts to be credited to the student’s account prior to the refund calculation based on federal or state regulations or private source regulations.

Funds Not Yet Received at the Time of Withdrawal

If a student withdraws before federal funds are received and/or disbursed, the Office of Financial Assistance will determine the amount(s) to be returned according to each funding source guideline. The Office of Financial Assistance will notify the student and the Business Office of any changes. A student receiving financial assistance should meet with a financial aid counselor before withdrawing or reducing hours to determine the impact on the student’s award.