Cyber Security System (B.S.)

Requirements for the B.S. degree with the Cyber Security Systems Major:

The Cyber Security major consists of 34 hours of foundational courses including hardware, software, networking, programming, and management, plus 45 credit hours focused on secure networks, secure design, secure organizations and practical applications, in addition to the university core course requirements (43 hours) for a minimum of 122 hours in total to graduate. 

1. CSEC Foundational Courses (34 hours)

CIS 1100Orientation to CIS

CSEC 2300Foundations of Cyber Security

CSEC 3355Cyber Systems and Components

Hardware and Software

CIS 2328Hardware and Systems Software

CIS 2340Intro to Operating Systems

CIS 2350UNIX/Linux Operating System


CIS 2330Programming Languages I

CIS 2333Scripting Languages

CIS 2368Website Development I


CIS 2335Computer Networks

CIS 3367Networks & Telecommunications


CIS 3362Systems Analysis and Design

2. Cyber Security (45 hours):

CIS 3310Database Management Systems

CIS 3325Linux Networking

CIS 3335Cryptography

CIS 3340Windows Client-Server Network

CIS 3345Digital Forensics

CIS 3353Computer Systems Security

CIS 4355Cloud Computing

CIS 4370Network Penetration Testing

CSEC 3319Internship/Cyber Security

CSEC 3320Network Security Management

CIS 3370Intrusion Detection Systems

CSEC 3370Law & Ethics in Cyber Security

CSEC 4300Malware Analysis

CSEC 4320Risk Management and Policy


CSEC 4390Practicum in Cyber Security


CSEC 43RCHHonors Project/Cyber Security