Bulletin for Graduation

Candidates for the associate’s or bachelor’s degree may obtain the degree according to the requirements of the catalog in effect when they enroll at the university or from the catalog for any subsequent year thereafter.  Candidates must complete the degree within eight years of date of the chosen catalog. After the expiration of that time period, degree candidate will be held to the requirements of the current catalog. Whenever required courses are discontinued, the College/School Dean may authorize substitutions.   

In instances where students are readmitted into programs that have substantially changed requirements for the degree or major, the catalog selection is at the discretion of the program advisor.

Academic regulations and institutional policies apply to all students, regardless of the degree programs, and provide direction for consistent application of institutional policies. The provisions of this Bulletin, thus academic regulations and institutional policies are subject to change without notice. Changes in Undergraduate Bulletin academic and/or institutional policies, other than course requirements and GPA policies for a degree, become effective immediately upon approval by the proper University authorities and are not subject to the “Undergraduate Bulletin of Graduation” rule cited above.