Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES/DSST)

These are an extensive series of examinations in university subjects that are comparable to the final or end-of-course examination in particular undergraduate courses. Students should contact personnel in the Testing Center for more information about these examinations.

Refer also to the Credit by Examination policies cited earlier in this section.

DANTES Test Name Score Credit Course
A History of the Vietnam War 400 3 Lower Level HIST Elective
Art of the Western World            0 Not Accepted
Astronomy 400 4 GEOL 1415
Business Ethics and Society 400 PHIL 3333**
Business Mathematics  0 Not Accepted
Computing and Information Technology 400 3 Lower Level MIS or BIS Elective
Criminal Justice 400 3 CRJU 1311 or CRIJ 1301
Environmental Science     Under Evaluation
Ethics in America 400 3 PHIL 3332 **
Ethics in Technology 400 3 PHIL 3333
Foundations of Education  0 Not Accepted
Fundamentals of College Algebra  0 Not Accepted
Fundamentals of Counseling 400 3 Lower Level PSYC Elective
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity     Under Evaluation
General Anthropology 400 3 ANTH 1311
Health and Human Development  0 Not Accepted
History of the Soviet Union 400 3 Lower Level HIST Elective
Human Resource Management 400 3 BMGT 3354 or MGT 3354**
Introduction to Business 400 3 Lower Level BMGT or MGT Elective
Introduction to Geography     Under Evaluation
Introduction to Geology     Under Evaluation
Introduction to Law Enforcement 0 Not Accepted
Introduction to World Religions 400 3 Lower Level Elective
Life-Span Developmental Psychology 0 Not Accepted
Management Information Systems 400 3 MIS 2321 or BIS 2321
Math for Liberal Arts     Under Evaluation
Money and Banking 0 Not Accepted
Organizational Behavior 400
3 BMGT 4355 or MGT 4355**
Personal Finance 0 Not Accepted
Principles of Advanced English Composition     Under Evaluation
Principles of Finance 400 3 BFIN 3321 or FIN 3321**
Principles of Public Speaking 0 Not Accepted
Principles of Statistics 400 3 MATH 2303
Principles of Supervision 400 3 Lower Level BMGT or MGT Elective
Substance Abuse 0 Not Accepted
Technical Writing 0 Not Accepted
The Civil War and Reconstruction 400 3 Lower Level HIST Elective

** Does not satisfy advanced level requirement

Note: Exams are subject to review and modification without notice.