Conditions for Reinstatement

Students whose eligibility for financial aid has been terminated may appeal the decision in writing to the Office of Financial Assistance if they believe that they had extenuating circumstances which led to their unsatisfactory progress. The Office of Financial Assistance will notify the student in writing of the decision.

Appeals for the reinstatement of financial aid eligibility must include:

  1. The student must complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Recovery Packet available in the Office of Financial Assistance.
  2. A letter from the student documenting the extenuating circumstances; for example, personal illness, medical problems, or death in the family. This letter should provide a detailed explanation of the situation. If the student has exceeded the maximum time frame and is appealing based on a change of major, he or she should state the reason for the change and submit a new Degree Works printout which indicates the number of hours remaining to be taken in the new major. This information should be included with the SAP Recovery Packet.

Students whose appeals are approved will be required to agree to an academic plan and must meet with the SAP requirements or be meeting the requirements of the academic plan by the end of the following semester in order to continue receiving financial assistance. Students who are meeting neither requirement by the end of the next semester will be placed on Financial Aid Termination and will not be eligible for further aid until they are once again meeting the initial SAP requirements.

Students who have been placed on Financial Aid Termination because they do not meet the GPA or Enrollment Status requirement may do the following if they decide not to appeal, or if their appeal is not approved:

  1. Students may attend UIW without financial assistance until they meet the SAP requirements for both cumulative GPA and cumulative completion requirements.
  2. Apply for various alternative loan programs available to help meet the costs of tuition.