Leadership Studies (B.S.)

Leadership Studies Course Descriptions

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Leadership Studies is designed to give students the expertise needed to understand, analyze, and model skills needed in a broad range of organizations such as government, business management, non-profit and profit business sector employment. Graduates of UIW’s Leadership Studies major program will have the practical knowledge and experience to lead positive change in the workplace and communities.

30 semester hours as follows:

A. Leadership Courses (18 hours)

LDST 3333Ethical Leadership

LDST 3340Global Leadership

LDST 3360Leadership and Team Building

LDST 3390Leadership and Communication

LDST 4310Leadership/Conflict Resolution

LDST 4380Leadership Studies Capstone

B. Management Courses (6 hours):

MGT 3340Concepts/Functions Management

MGT 3354Theo/Conc Personnel Management

C. Organizational Development Courses (6 hours):

ORGD 3340Organizational Development

ORGD 4330Organizational Learning

D. Required Minor (12-24 hours):

Students must select one or two minors from any approved EAP minor.