Senior Connection for Incarnate Word High School and St. Anthony Catholic High School

In this program, selected high school seniors may earn 12 to 18 hours of college credit while completing the requirements for high school graduation. The program grants dual credit for courses that have counterparts at the high school level. Students are eligible for any course available to an entering University freshman. As in the case of other University students, exceptions to prerequisites are handled on an individual basis. All Senior Connection courses are taught by the University of the Incarnate Word faculty with the same syllabus, same textbook, and same rigor as any other section taught on the campus. Senior Connection courses are open to any University of the Incarnate Word student for whom the scheduled time is more appropriate than other sections of the same course. Senior Connection students must have the approval of both high school administration and their University advisor before registering for courses. As with other University of the Incarnate Word courses, some Senior Connection courses utilize facilities of St. Anthony Catholic High School during day hours.