Active Duty Military

These online programs are delivered to active duty United States military personnel. In the event that a student is accepted into a degree program in the School of Applied Sciences or the School of Professional Studies, it will be stipulated by the University that the service member is the holder of a high school diploma/GED based on program requirements and assurances. Students in these programs are active duty military, so age restrictions will not always apply when they are demonstrated to be good candidates for the online learning environment. Students will be accepted for Non-Degree seeking status upon presentation to the UIW Online program. Students who are attending another host institution in the program are permitted to take courses at the university and are not required to submit a letter of “good standing” or official transcripts. Additionally, they are not limited to 24 semester hours, per institutional agreement with each program. Conditions for admission, both Conditional and Unconditional, are identical to those stated above.