Nutrition (B.S.)


1. 26 semester hours in required Nutrition courses:

NUTR 2231/NUTR 2131Principles of Food Preparation and Lab

NUTR 2341Introduction to Nutrition

NUTR 3342Nutrition in the Life Cycle

NUTR 4335Nutrition Education and Counseling

NUTR 4340Clinical and Nutritional Assessment

NUTR 4375Nutrition Therapy

NUTR 4460Community and World Nutrition

NUTR 4470Human Nutrition and Metabolism

NUTR 4475Clinical Nutrition

2. 49 semester hours in required supporting disciplines:

PSYC 1301Introduction to Psychology


SOCI 1311Introduction to Sociology


MATH 1304College Algebra

MATH 2303Introduction to Probability and Statistics


SOCI 3381/CRJU 3381Statistics for Behavioral Sciences


ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics

COMM 2341Business and Professional Communication

BIOL 1402General Biology I for Majors and Laboratory

BIOL 2321Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 2322Anatomy and Physiology II


BIOL 2474/2474LIntroductory Microbiology and Lab


BIOL 3471/3471LGeneral Microbiology and Lab


CHEM 1301Chemical Principles I

CHEM 1302Chemical Principles II

CHEM 1203LChemical Principles Laboratory

CHEM 2311Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 2312Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 4351/BIOL 4351Biochemistry I

3. Additional semester hours as indicated, in one of the following two options:

A. Nutrition and Dietetics 21 to 24 Hours:

ACCT 2301Accounting for Non-Business Majors


BMGT 3340Management Theory and Practice


BMGT 3354Human Resource Management


NUTR 1102Introduction to Dietetics

NUTR 3433Food and Nutrition Services Management I

NUTR 3234Food and Nutrition Services Management II

NUTR 3134Food Systems Management Laboratory

NUTR 3332Experimental Foods


NUTR 4139Nutritional Practicum


NUTR 3310Food Recovery and Gleaning

NUTR 4100Dietetics

NUTR Additional 2-3-semester hours nutrition elective

B. Nutrition Science 19 to 20 hours:

CHEM 2112Organic Chemistry Laboratory II

MATH 2312Calculus I


PHYS 2305Physics I


PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101General Physics I and Lab


PHYS 2306Physics II


PHYS 1302/PHYS 1102General Physics II and Lab


CHEM 4352/BIOL 4352Biochemistry II

CHEM 4251/BIOL 4251Biochemistry I Laboratory

Additional 3-4-semester hour elective in upper-division Biology, Chemistry, or Nutrition.