IV. Undergraduate Admissions

The University of the Incarnate Word actively recruits students who will enrich and be enriched by a private Catholic liberal arts atmosphere. Applicants should demonstrate personal characteristics and qualities that suggest they will be responsible and contributing members of the University community with standards of excellence in the academic, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of life which adheres to a mission statement of Christian service and social justice.

Applications for freshmen admission are accepted on a rolling basis for the fall term and continuously throughout the year for the spring and summer semesters. However, it is recommended that the application process be completed in a timely fashion, allowing sufficient time to process financial aid awards. Acceptance to the university does not guarantee admission to the major. This may be a separate process that begins as early as the first semester of the sophomore year. Upon admission to the University, transfer students with enough transferable credit may seek admission to a particular major. Certain majors, such as nursing, may require specified pre-requisite courses to be completed before admission to the major. Consult individual program listings for such requirements.

All acceptances to the University are provisional pending the receipt of official transcript credentials, i.e., the final high school transcript with graduation date. Continued enrollment in subsequent terms is dependent on receipt of official documents.

The University subscribes to affirmative action to ensure admission without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, or disability. Those with non-traditional learning experiences or disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply.