Credit by Examination, Certification, or Correspondence Policies

University of the Incarnate Word recognizes credits earned by examination, certification, or correspondence based on the concept that learning may be acquired from different sources of knowledge. Students must complete the “Request for Credit by Examination” form before they attempt the test. The policies follow:

  • A maximum of 30 semester credit hours may be earned through examination, professional certification, prior learning experience, or in combination with correspondence work (which is limited to 12 semester hours).
  • Credit granted through examinations may not be used to fulfill residency requirements for associate or baccalaureate degrees.
  • Credit may not be granted when the examination duplicates University credits previously earned or when the student has credit for courses at a more advanced level than that of the examination.
  • Credit earned by examination will be posted to the student’s academic record after the student enrolls for credit at the University of the Incarnate Word. If an unsatisfactory score is achieved, the examination is not reflected on the student’s academic record.
  • An examination may be attempted no more than twice. No test may be repeated until a minimum of six months has elapsed between each attempt.
  • The type of examination, course title, and credit hours awarded and a grade of S will be recorded. No other grades will be recorded.
  • Credits earned through examination are counted as “transfer” work and do not satisfy residency requirements, either for the major or institutional.
  • Credit by examination may not be earned during the semester in which the student intends to graduate.