Admission of Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students not wishing to receive a degree from the University of the Incarnate Word and who have not completed a bachelor’s degree may be admitted to the University based on the same requirements as a degree-seeking student. Consult the bulletin under the sections ‘Admission of New Freshmen’ and/or ‘Admission of Transfer Students’ to determine applicable admissions requirements. The applicant, if accepted, would matriculate as an undergraduate non-degree-seeking student. These students are not eligible for an academic scholarship. 

Students who have completed a bachelor's degree or other advanced degree who are interested in entering as a non-degree seeking will need to complete an admissions application and submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.

A student may accumulate no more than 24 semester hours under the non-degree seeking status without special clearance from the Registrar. Approved international exchange students may petition to accumulate hours beyond the 24-hour limit.