Pre-requisites for UIW Doctor of Physical Therapy

Suggested Coursework

ATHP 1211Med Term/Healthcare Profession

BIOL 1402Genl Biol I for Majors and Lab

BIOL 2121Anatomy & Physiology I Lab

BIOL 2322Anatomy and Physiology II

CHEM 1301Chemical Principles I

CHEM 1302Chemical Principles II

CHEM 1203LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory

PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101General Physics I

PHYS 1302/PHYS 1102General Physics II

SOCI 3381/CRJU 3381Statistics for Behavioral Sci

PSYC 1301Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 2370Child/Adolescent Development

PSYC 2372Adult Development and Aging


SOCI 3355Aging in America

PHIL 3333Applied Ethics

SPAN 1313Elem Span for Health Profess