3D Animation and Game Design--Game Programming Concentration (B.F.A)

Requirements for a concentration in Game Programming

1. ANGD Core Courses

ANGD 1101Orient/Animation & Game Design

ANGD 1102Elements of Design Seminar

ANGD 1312Hard Surface Modeling

ANGD 1313Game Engines

ANGD 1314Organic Modeling

ANGD 1315Principles of Animation

ANGD 2330History of Animation

ANGD 3315Visual Narrative Conventions

ANGD 3330History of Games

ANGD 4100Animation Industry Seminar

ANGD 4140Senior Thesis Workshop

ANGD 4305Senior Portfolio

ANGD 4340Bus of Animation/Game Design

ANGD 4440Senior Thesis Production I

ANGD 4450Senior Thesis Production II

2. Game Programming Concentration Courses

ANGD 2321Rigging

ANGD 2371Game Programming I

ANGD 2372Game Programming II

ANGD 3371Game Programming III

ANGD 3372Game Programming IV

CIS 2330Programming Languages I

CIS 3330Programming Languages II

MATH 1306College Geometry

MATH 1311Precalculus

MATH 2322Linear Algebra

PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101General Physics I