Environmental Science (B.S.)


76 semester hours in science as follows:

1. 20 semester hours in Biology:

BIOL 1402Genl Biol I for Majors and Lab

BIOL 1403Genl Biol II for Major and Lab

BIOL 3442Ecology and Laboratory

BIOL 3471General Microbiology

BIOL 44XXAdvanced Biology Elective

2. 8 semester hours in Chemistry:

CHEM 1301Chemical Principles I

CHEM 1101Chemical Principles I Lab

CHEM 1302Chemical Principles II

CHEM 1102Chemical Principles II Lab

3. 15 semester hours in Environmental Science:

ENSC 1410Intro to Environmental Science

ENSC 3410Research in Soil Conservation

ENSC 4315Environmental Science Research

ENSC 4460Research in Water Quality

4. 8 semester hours in Geology:

GEOL 1401Physical Geology


GEOL 1420Oceanography


METR 1430Meteorology


GEOL 3450Environmental Geology

5. 4 semester hours in Physics:

PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101General Physics I

6. 3 semester hours in Mathematics:

MATH 1304College Algebra

MATH 2303Intro/Probability & Statistics

MATH 1304, College Algebra, should be taken as part of the Core.

7. 6 semester hours in Meteorology:

METR 4315Air Pollution Meteorology

METR 3340Hydrology

The pre-requisite METR 1430 should be taken as part of the Core.

8. Advanced Science Electives (12 hours):

The student must complete 12 advanced hours selected from Biology, Chemistry, Geology Meteorology, or Environmental Science.

9. UIW Core, Major and Elective hours to total 120 semester hours for the degree

Contact Department Chair in Environmental Science for specific Core course requirements.