Nuclear Medicine Science (B.S.)

Core Curriculum and specific Nuclear Medicine requirements:                 

 ENGL 1311  Composition I  3  * 
 ENGL 1312  Composition II   3   *
 ENGL 2310  World Literature   3  
   Applied or Fine Art Course  3  
   History Course  3   
   Social Science Course  3  
 PHIL 1381  Introduction to Philosophy   3   
   Religious Studies Ethics Course  3   
   Advanced Religious Studies or Philosophy Course  3   
   Second Language  6  
 DWHP 1200  Dimension of Wellness   2   
   Physical Activity Course  1  
 BIOL 2321/BIOL 2121  Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab   3/1   *
 BIOL 2322/BIOL 2122  Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab  3/1  *
 CHEM 1301/CHEM 1101  Chemical Principles I and Lab   3/1   * 
 CHEM 1302/CHEM 1102  Chemical Principles II and Lab  3/1  * 
 PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101  General Physics I and Lab   3/1  * 
 PHYS 1302/PHYS 1102  General Physics II and Lab
 3/1  *
 MATH 1311  Precalculus   3   * 
 MATH 2303  Introduction to Probability and Statistics   3   * 
 NMED 4310  Introduction to Nuclear Medicine  3  
Plus 45 hours of Community Service             

* Prerequisite to admission to program with a minimum grade of C.

Courses in the Major (55 semester hours)

Freshman or Sophomore Year

NMED 4310Intro to Nuclear Medicine

Junior Year

NMED 2420Patient Care Technologies

NMED 3210Hlth Assess/Comm Nuc Med Tech

NMED 3310Pathophysiolog/Nuc Med Tech

NMED 4510Nuclear Cardiology

NMED 3320Medical Radiation Safety

NMED 4322Radio-Pharmacy/Chemistry/Immun

NMED 4341Radiation Biology/Biophysics

NMED 4331Instrumentation

NMED 4545Principles of PET and PET/CT

Senior Year

NMED 3305Applications of Radionuclides

NMED 4604Clin Nuclear Medicine I

NMED 4606Clin Nuclear Medicine II

NMED 4312Molecular Img/Phys Med Imaging

NMED 4361Nuclear Med Registry Review

A minimum grade of C is required in all Nuclear Medicine courses and prerequisite support course work as well as all clinical proficiencies attached to each course.  All students must achieve a final test average of 75% or higher.  Failure to do so will result in failure in the course.

In general, satisfactory completion of courses in one semester is required prior to enrolling in subsequent semesters. Failure to make a minimum grade of C in any required nuclear medicine course will prevent the student from progressing in the program. Students who fail one or more courses in the program must make application to the nuclear medicine program to continue. The student’s overall academic achievement will be considered in the decision to be retained or to be placed on enforced withdrawal from the nuclear medicine program.