Spanish (B.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses in the major: For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

1. 33 semester hours of Spanish courses as follows:

A. Language requirements (9 hours)

SPAN 2311Interm Spanish: Oral Comm

SPAN 2312Interm Spanish II: Writing

SPAN 3301Adv Spanish Gram/Composition

B. Linguistics requirements (6 hours)

SPAN 3321Intro to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 3322Span Phonetics & Oral Communic

NOTE: In addition to SPAN 3321 and SPAN 3322, candidates for teacher certification must take SPAN 3337, Applied Linguistics for Teaching, for a total of 9 hours to fulfill the Linguistics requirement.

C. Literature requirements (6 hours)

SPAN 3331Spanish Lit to 1700


SPAN 3332Spanish Literature since 1700


SPAN 3341Spanish-Amer Lit to Modernism


SPAN 3342Span-Amer Lit since Modernism

D. Culture requirements (6 hours)

SPAN 3311Culture and Civilization-Spain

SPAN 3312Culture/Civiliza-Latin America

E. Electives in Spanish to complete the required 33 hours in the major.

2. A minor in any other field, or an approved interdisciplinary concentration of 18 semester hours, including 6 upper-division hours.