Medical Humanities Interdisciplinary Concentration

The mission of the Medical Humanities Interdisciplinary Concentration is to provide students with an array of interdisciplinary courses that focus on the humanity and dignity of the individual and the common good. This concentration will help students to understand and to appreciate how the Humanities may be engaged to enhance their chosen career in the health professions. 18 Credit Hours.


1. Required Courses (9 hours)

MDHM 2310Introduction to Medical Humanities

MDHM 2320Introduction to Trauma Studies

PHIL 4350Bioethics

2. Select one Philosophy or English Course (3 hours)

PHIL 3315Philosophy of Human Nature

PHIL 3318Theories of Reality &Knowledge

PHIL 3375Aesthetics: Phil of Art&Beauty

PHIL 4371Selected Topics:

ENGL 4399Selected Topics

ENGL 3375Creative Writing

ENGL 4320Period Studies:

ENGL 4340Major Authors:

PHIL 4371/ENGL 4399 ST: Philosophy and Literature of Trauma

3. Select one Religious Studies Course (3 hours)

RELS 3305Catholic Social Teachings

RELS 3381Christianity & Global Justice

RELS 3370Christian Ethics

RELS 4330Death and Belief

Select one Elective Course

HIST 4325Global Human Rights

HIST 4345Global Refugees

MUTH 1301Intro to Music Therapy

MUTH 3301Psychology of Music

THAR 1320Acting in Everyday Life