Liberal Arts (A.A.)

1. Completion of the following Core Curriculum

A. Rhetoric (6 hours)

ENGL 1311Composition I


ENGL 1311LComposition I

ENGL 1312Composition II

B. Literature and The Arts (6 hours)

ENGL 2310World Literature Studies

Fine Art From Art, Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts core selections

C. Philosophy and Religious Studies (6 hours)

PHIL 1381Introduction to Philosophy

RELS Religious Studies course from RELS core selections

D. Modern Languages (6 hours)

Select one language from Modern Languages core selection


E. History and Social Science (6 hours)

HIST core selections


Social Science from ANTH, ECON, GOVT, PSY,C SOCI core selections


F. Lab Science and Mathematics (7 hours)

Science w Lab from BIOL, CHEM, PHYS

GEOL core selections

MATH 1304College Algebra

G. Wellness Development (3 hours)

DWPH dimensions of Wellness or DWHP Bridge


PEHP from Physical Education Selections


2. 24 hours that may include:

selections to satisfy transfer requirements to another four-year institutions or selections of electives for concentrations in areas of interest, or as required for majors specified for baccalaureate degree from the University of the Incarnate Word.

3. 22 Clock hours of Community Service is required