History (B.A.)

Recommend Sequence of Courses in the major: For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

39 semester hours in History as follows:

1. 18 semester hours in History:

HIST 1311World History I

HIST 1312World History II

HIST 1321The United States to 1865

HIST 1322US Since 1865

HIST 2341Found/Historical Research

HIST 4341Making History

2. 9 semester hours to be selected from the following United States History courses:

HIST 3324Colonial America

HIST 3325United States National Period

HIST 3326Rise Modern America 1870-1920

HIST 3327U.S. from World War I to WWII

HIST 3328The United States since 1945

HIST 4320American Women's History

HIST 4352Topics in US Hist:

HIST 4399Selected Topics

HIST 4399: Can be U.S. History or World History credit. 

3. 9 semester hours to be selected from the following Global History courses

HIST 3331Colonial Latin America

HIST 3332Latin America Since Independen

HIST 3340Modern Europe

HIST 4325Global Human Rights

HIST 4332Mexico

HIST 4336Topics in Chinese History

HIST 4338Topics in South Asian History

HIST 4330War and Society

HIST 4340History of Afghanistan

HIST 4343Topics in Asian History

HIST 4345Global Refugees

HIST 4350Topic World Hist:

HIST 4360Topics/Middle Eastern History

HIST 4399Selected Topics

HIST 4399: Can be U.S. or World History course.

4. 3 additional hours (upper or lower) hours that, in addition to the courses listed above, can include the following:

HIST 2322Texas History

HIST 2332Introduction to Asian History

HIST 3305Introduction to Public History

HIST 4389History Internship

5. A minor in an approved discipline, or an approved interdisciplinary concentration.