Criminal Justice (B.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses in the major:

For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

1. 24 semester hours as follows:

CRJU 1311Introd to Criminal Justice

CRJU 2392Intro to US Legal System

CRJU 3322Criminology

CRJU 3330Law Enforcement in America

CRJU 3340Corrections

CRJU 3381Statistics for Behavioral Sci

CRJU 3384Resrh Methods/Criminal Justice

CRJU 4301Senior Sem in Criminal Justice

2. 12 semester hours of coursework selected from the following courses:

CRJU 3300Victimology

CRJU 3323Issues/Contemp Crim Justice

CRJU 3325Drugs/Crime in Modern Society

CRJU 3343Prob, Parole, and Community

CRJU 3347Sociology of the Death Penalty

CRJU 3350Juvenile Justice

CRJU 3360Ethics in Criminal Justice

CRJU 3365Media and Crime

CRJU 3367Sex Crimes

CRJU 3369Comparative Crim Just Systems

CRJU 3390Internship in Criminal Justice

CRJU 4490Drug Use Prevent/Interventions

GOVT 4316Constit Law II/Civil Liberties

3. A minor in any other discipline.