Art (B.F.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses for the B.F.A.: For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

87 semester hours in Art/Art History as follows:

1. 27 semester hours in Art:

ARTS 1301Drawing I

ARTS 1311Two Dimensional Design

ARTS 2301Drawing II

ARTS 2311Three Dimensional Design

ARTS 2320Painting I

ARTS 2342Ceramics I

ARTS 2351Printmaking I

ARTS 2357Photography I

ARTS 2361Sculpture I

2. 6 required hours of lower level Art History:

ARTH 2361Art Hist:Ancient thru Medieval

ARTH 2362Art History:Renaiss to Modern

3. 9 semester hours of upper-division Art courses:

ARTS 3300Color Theory for Artists

ARTS 4320Senior Studio

ARTS 4390Senior Capstone

4. 21 additional hours of a concentration in a single discipline, of which 15 hours must be upper-division, in one of the following areas:

drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, or sculpture.

5. 12 additional semester hours of studio art and design electives, six of which must be upper-division.

6. 12 additional hours of upper-division Art History and criticism, all of which must be upper division, as follows:

ARTH 3360Survey in Contemporary Art

ARTH 3375Aesthetics: Phil of Art/Beauty

ARTH 6 elective hours of upper-division Art History