Payment Policy

  1. Payment arrangements must be finalized by the eighth calendar day from the first class day of the semester.
  3. Students who have not met their total financial obligations to the University will not be permitted to enroll for a subsequent academic term.
  4. Withdrawal without proper notice entails failure in all courses for the semester and the student is held liable for the full payment of tuition, fees and other charges.
  5. Students must pay their financial obligation in full to the University to have diplomas and transcripts released. In addition, if payment is not made in full, students may be prohibited from participating in the graduation ceremony.
  6. The student agrees to assume liability for any debt incurred during his/her attendance at the University. In the event of a delinquency or default, the student will pay all reasonable costs of collection including but not limited to attorney fees and necessary court costs.

The University does not send out paper bills; all bills are available online through the MyWord portal. The bill will serve as a full accounting of the student account activity for the period. Each student must review their bill promptly and notify the Business Office immediately ( or 210-829-6043) of any errors or omissions on the bill.

Students should report any disputed items to the Business Office within 60 days after the disputed items appears on the student's statement. If the student fails to report a disputed item, he/she may not claim any liability on the part of the University in connection with the University handling of the item (items) in dispute.