Interior Design (B.F.A.)


1. 75 semester hours in Interior Design:

INTD 1111Interior Design Orientation

INTD 1320Architectural Drawing

INTD 1364Color/Environment-Behav Theory

INTD 1410Form, Space, and Theory

INTD 2300Intro to Interior Design

INTD 2301Comp Applications/Interior Des

INTD 2325Construction and Details

INTD 2350Interior Materials

INTD 2355History/Built Environment I

INTD 2360Textiles for Interior Design

INTD 2363Architectural Graphics

INTD 2370Lighting and Design

INTD 2375Space Planning

INTD 3363History/Built Environment II

INTD 3315CADD for Interior Design

INTD 3325Codes/Construction Documents

INTD 3336Environ Systems/Sustainability

INTD 3355Advanced CADD/Interior Design

INTD 3367Studio I

INTD 3370Studio II

INTD 4340Studio III

INTD 4355Capstone I

INTD 4161Interior Design Internship

INTD 4210Portfolio I

INTD 4120Portfolio II

INTD 4375Capstone II

INTD 4395Professional Practice

2. 3 semester hours in Interior Design Electives:

Choose one of the following courses:

INTD 3320Furniture Design

INTD 3340Interior Design Study Tour

INTD 4380Historic Preservation

INTD 4382Wellness/Transparency/Intr Dsg

2. 6 semester hours in Art:

ARTH 2361Art Hist:Ancient thru Medieval

ARTH 2362Art History:Renaiss to Modern

ARTH 2361 will also satisfy the Fine Arts requirement on the Core.