Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of the Incarnate Word offers intellectually gifted, academically talented, and community-minded individuals a customized curriculum and purposeful programs. With the university's mission as the program's philosophical foundation, the concept of social justice, a synthesis of knowledge and faith, and community service are woven throughout the honors curriculum and co-curricular programming.  The program provides a training ground for future leaders, helping them to prepare academically, professionally, and eprsonally for the next phase of their lives after the baccalaureate degree.

The Honors Program provides a training ground for future leaders within the community.  Participation aims to provide these student outcomes:

  1. develop the whole person
  2. cultivate leaders
  3. nurture conscientious citizens of the world
  4. foster the discovery of truth
  5. encourage students to create a personal synthesis of their knowledge and faith
  6. promote life-long learning

Curriculum Overview:

Students will select six hours of required Honors courses and six hours of Honors elective courses.  Each Honors course is worth two points.  Additionally, students will complete a minimum of one point in scholarship and a minimum of two points in the area of self-development.  Students must earn a total of 20 Honors point s to graduate with University Honors.

 Curriculum 8 points  Each Honors course is worth 2 points 
 Scholarship 1 point  Points are offered for a variety of research activities including presentations, performance, and publications 
 Self-Development 2 points  Students are required to participate in 2 colloquia.  Points are also offered for service, leadership, study abroad, and reflection/integration activities. 

Students in the Honors Program are expected to maintain a full-time course load and a minimum grade point average of 3.5.  Honors students also attend co-curricular events in the areas of service, cultural, and academic presentations as well as monthly Honors Program meetings.  More information on the Honors Program can be obtained at www.uiw.edu/honors or from the Honors Program Director at (210-832-3211).

Required Honors Courses (6 Hours)

Honors students are expected to complete a minimum of four Honors courses for a total of eight points.  Two courses are required of every Honors student.

ENGL 1312HComposition II Honors

PHIL 1381HThe Intellectual Quest


RELS 1327HTheological Anthropology

Transfer students and late-entering UIW students may substitute an upper-level Honors Philosophy or Religious Studies course if they already have the comparable 1000-level courses completed.

Elective Honors Courses (6 Hours)

ENSC 3420HHuman Dominated Ecosystems

HIST 3310HInquiries Hum Stories/Mod Wrld

GOVT 4310HSocial and Political Thought


HONP 41RCHHonors Senior Project


HONP 43RCHHonors Senior Project

Students may contract with a professor to complete additional work in a non-Honors course in order to convert that course into an Honors course.  Students are limited to taking two contract courses.  Students may also complete an equivalent Honors research course offered by their major discipline.


Students must complete a minimum of one point in this area.  A variety of options are available to meet this goal including conducting research with a faculty member or an independent research/creative project, participating in summer research programs, engaging in public presentations or creative performances, and publishing in a scholarly journal.


Students must complete a minimum of two points in this area which will be fulfilled by participation in two required colloquia.  Students cal also earn points in this category by participating in approved leadership activities, demonstrating a commitment to service, study abroad, and writing a summative paper reflecting on their experience in the Honors Program.

Admission Requirements

Incoming Freshmen:

Incoming first-year students and transfer students interested in applying to the UIW Honors Program must meet the following standards:

  • Have a minimum of high school or college cumulative GPA of 3.5.
  • Have a minimum combined SAT score (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math) of 1220 and/or ACT composite of no less than 26; the minimum SAT Math test score is 550.  The minimum SAT EBRW score is 570 and the minimum individual ACT test score is 22.
  • Show evidence of leadership and concern for the common good.

Transfer Students:

  • Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5.
Current UIW Students:

  • Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.25, if apply during the freshman or
  • Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.35, if apply during the sophomore year.

The UIW Honors Program has three areas of concentration:  curriculum, scholarship, and self-development.  Students must meet a minimum number of points in each area and must earn a minimum of 20 Honors points in order to graduate from the Honors Program.  Contact the Honors Program office for details.