Rehabilitative Sciences

Rehabilitative Sciences Course Descriptions

The Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitative Science is designed to be the pathway for students seeking to go into professional graduate programs in athletic training, physical therapy, medical school and physician assistant areas. The curriculum structure and content gives the graduate a strong foundation and credentials to embark on other careers in advanced healthcare settings or to enter the workforce as entry-level technicians in healthcare settings. A student seeking entrance to Occupational Therapy or Chiropractic Professional Schools may utilize this degree with an individualized degree plan to meet the pre-requisites for these professional pathways.

The degree plan includes a choice of four concentrations:  Pre-Athletic Training, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Physician Assistant.  Depending on concentration, coursework will include the university core, 32-35 credit hours in rehabilitative science, and science and psychology courses tailored to most common pre-requisites for the respective professional school.  Students interested in pursuing a professional degree in other allied health fields may select a concentration they feel is the most appropriate to their professional goals, and an individualized advising plan may be necessary.  This degree plan was designed to meet the needs of most post-baccalaureate advanced allied health programs in the state of Texas.  In some instances, the individual may need to take additional course work to meet the academic prerequisites for entry into a specific program.  The Pre-Athletic Training and Pre-Physical Therapy concentration coursework meet the requirements for a minor in psychology.