Public Health Minor

Public Health increases understanding and expertise in the areas of disease prevention and health promotion.  The content helps prepare students seeking advanced degrees in the field of public health, epidemiology, health promotion, health behavior, health educators, and health policy making.  This minor is complementary with current programs and degrees offered through the University of the Incarnate Word that focus on premed, health, government, business management, psychology, and statistics.

Public Health is an online 12 credit hour minor offered to all students of the University of the Incarnate Word.  the focus of the minor is the preventative methods to promote and protect the health of populations including local and global communities.  the minor engages skills and utilizes knowledge from social sciences, epidemiology, health behavior, and global health.  Students are challenged and encouraged to develop thoughtful and innovative health programs, identify and communicate effective and accurate information of health, and to enhance program offerings in a manner that will decrease health disparities within a population.

The Public Health minor requires the completion of the following courses:

PUBH 2310, Essentials of Public Health

PUBH 3310, Essentials of Global Health

PUBH 4310, Essentials of Health Behavior and Health Promotion

PUBH 4320, Essentials of Epidemiology