Kinesiology Course Descriptions

The program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for three career paths. Graduates can prepare to teach physical education in Elementary or Secondary schools. Graduates may also prepare for work in the private sector, in camps or in fitness centers by choosing a non-certification or personal trainer concentration. Details of the requirements for Teacher Certification are explained in the Education section of the bulletin.

Activity Courses

The core curriculum requirement for all students includes a lifetime activity from the Kinesiology selections. Courses provide instruction and participation for the development of fitness, skills, knowledge, and appreciation of physical activity.

A physical examination is recommended for participation in Kinesiology activity courses. Students enrolled in Kinesiology provide their own clothing and pay a lab fee.

The following Activity Courses are grouped according to the requirements of the degree plans described below.

Group A - Individual and Dual Activities

1101 Archery

1102 Badminton

1103 Bowling

1104 Golf

1129 Racquetball

1133 Beginning Tennis

1134 Intermediate Tennis

1138 Badminton/Racquetball

1143 Fencing

1144 Racket Sport

1152 Kayaking

Group B - Team Activities

1105 Basketball

1109 Track and Field

1106 Flag Football

1110 Volleyball

1107 Soccer

1128 Floor Hockey

1108 Softball

Group C - Developmental Activities

1111 Self-Defense

1125 Pilates

1112 Gymnastics

1127 Aerobic Dance

1139 Yoga

1113 Physical Conditioning

1140 Advanced Yoga

1114 Weight Training

1131 Hiking

1141 Introduction to Martial Arts

1147 Tai Chi

1148 Exercise with Your Instructor

1149 Rock Climbing

1150 Kickboxing

1151 Boot Camp

1153 Salsa Aerobic Dance

1154 Hip Hop

1155 Aerobic Cycling

1156 Aerobic Walking

1157 Running

Group D - Rhythmic Activities

1115 Ballet

1117 Folk and Square Dance

1116 Basic Rhythms

1136 Clogging

1145 Beginning Social Dance

1146 Country Western Dance

Group E - Aquatic Activities

1118 Beginning Swimming

1121 Water Safety Instruction

1119 Intermediate Swimming

1122 Water Games

1120 Life Saving

1132 Swimming for Fitness