Teacher Education

Education Course Descriptions

Teacher Education is a valued program of study at the University of the Incarnate Word because it so directly addresses the mission to which the University is committed. The emphasis of the program incorporates a broad liberal arts education as a foundation for the more in-depth focus on academic teaching specializations and the body of knowledge associated with the teaching and learning process. The program prepares individuals for a profession in which they can affect society and mankind in significant, positive ways.

The Teacher Education program at University of the Incarnate Word is a field-based program that provides intensive, realistic, and high-quality experiences in settings where pre-service teachers can match theory and practice, observe effective teaching practices, encounter diversity, and explore and develop their teaching in close interaction with university faculty.

Programs of Study

Programs leading to baccalaureate degrees with certification are approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Texas Education Agency State Board for Educator Certification.  The programs are designed to prepare students for initial certification and teaching in elementary and/or secondary schools.  Students prepare for initial certification and teaching at the elementary level under the direction of the Dreeben School of Education.  Secondary and all-level candidates major in their specified content area and minor in education to prepare for initial teacher certification.

Students seeking certification from the University of the Incarnate Word's Teacher Education Program will be subject to any additional or new requirements, which may be set forth by legislative mandates or by the State Board for Educator Certification.

A baccalaureate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (early childhood through 6th grade) is available with or without certification.  Candidates intending to teach at the elementary grades (early childhood through sixth grade) pursue the IDS certification degree.  Students not seeking certification in conjunction with their degree may pursue the Interdisciplinary Studies non-certification degree.  Both routes include a required minor in reading and an optional minor in special education.

Secondary certification (grades 6 through 12) and all-level certification (early childhood through grade 12) candidates complete a baccalaureate degree by majoring in their teaching discipline and minoring in education.  The reading minor and special education minor are options for secondary and all-level certification candidates. See education advisor for details.

At present, the University of the Incarnate Word offers certification in the areas and levels that follow (other fields may be available in the future).

Core Subjects (Elementary) EC-6

English Language Arts/Reading (7-12)

History (7-12)

Life Science (7-12)

Mathematics (7-12)

Physical Science (6-12)

Art (EC-12)

Music (EC-12)

Physical Education (EC-12)

Spanish (EC-12)

Theatre Arts (EC-12)