Brigham Young University Challenge Exams

The Brigham Young University Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (BYU-FLATS) challenge exams were created to provide students who have acquired a certain level of proficiency in the language an opportunity to receive credit by examination. The tests are achievement tests, not global proficiency tests. As such, they are designed to measure a student's performance against specific course-related criteria. They are designed to test listening, comprehension, reading comprehension, and grammatical accuracy. The exams are designed to evaluate a student's ability in conjunction with the first three semesters of a language trace (i.e., 101, 102, and 201 at BYU, which correspond to the 1311, 1312 , and 2311 languages taught at UIW).

All tests are proctored and the testing materials are sent to the UIW Testing Center. It is the student's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with the UIW Testing Center to take the test.

For a complete list of available tests, refer to and select the "online tests available to all other students" link.

BYU-FLATS Test Name Credit Course Equivalent
101, First-Semester Conversation and Grammar 3 1311
101 and 102, Second Semester Conversation and Grammar 6 1311 and 1312

BYU-FLATS Challenge Exam Policies:

  • Credit is awarded as P/F and no other letter grade will be awarded.
  • Credit is limited to a maximum of 6 semester hours, depending upon the score.
  • The BYU-FLATS challenge exams cannot be used to test out of French, German, or Spanish. Refer to the Credit by Examination  section for language tests offered through that program.
  • Refer also to the Credit by Examination policies cited earlier in this section.

NOTE: Exams are subject to review and modification without notice.