Human Resources Minor

The purpose of the minor in Human Resources is to prepare students for the realities of managing and developing people in the workplace. Students will improve their ability to solve problems, improve processes and enhance the effectiveness and reliability of employees in any type of organization. In addition to developing skills in key HR areas, students will develop important skills in critical thinking, problem solving, technology and communications.


A. Organizational Development Courses 6 hours

Students must complete the following courses:

ORGD 3340Organizational Development

ORGD 4350Leadership in Organizations

B. Human Resource Elective Courses (12 hours)

Students must select 12 hours from the following list:

HRES 3330Human Resources and the Law

HRES 3350Staffing

HRES 3360Training and Development

HRES 3370Compensation and Benefits

HRES 3380Performance Management