Criminal Justice (B.S.)

Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

Criminal justice is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry focused on the philosophical, theoretical and practical applications of justice, and on the resolution of conflict within society. Rather than train individuals for a particular occupation through sole instruction in specific vocational skills, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, offered through the School of Professional Studies, offers a broad liberal arts education which focuses on the cultivation of analytical and creative thought, and the ability to communicate effectively in a 21st century workplace and social environment.


A. 39 semester hours of required core courses, as follows:

CRIJ 1301Intro to Criminal Justice

CRIJ 1308Criminalistics

CRIJ 1325Criminology

CRIJ 2310Criminal Law and Procedure

CRIJ 2313Corrections

CRIJ 2328Law Enforcement

CRIJ 2333Juvenile Justice

CRIJ 3315Legal/Ethical Issues Crim Just

CRIJ 3360Criminal Justice Administratin

CRIJ 3370Crim Justice Research Methods

CRIJ 3390Terrorism/Homeland Security

CRIJ 4380Criminal Justice Capstone

B. Criminal Justice Elective Courses (27 hours):

Select 27 semester hours from the following courses:

CRIJ 2303Intro to Homeland Security

CRIJ 3330Race/Gender/Ethnicity and Law

CRIJ 3335Civil Liability

CRIJ 3340Victimology

CRIJ 3380Criminal Investigation

CRIJ 3390Terrorism/Homeland Security

CRIJ 4300Corporate Crime/Deviance

CRIJ 4305Cyber Crimes

CRIJ 4320Sex Crimes

CRIJ 4340Women in Criminal Justice

CRIJ 4390Concepts of Self-Defense

CRIJ 4395Internship in Criminal Justice

C. Students must complete the following specific courses in the UIW Core Curriculum requirements:

MATH 1304College Algebra

PSYC 1301Introduction to Psychology

BMGT 4390Business Ethics

PSYC 1301: satisfies social science requirement

D. General electives to meet 120 total credit hours

E. 45 Clock hours of Community Service

Students must complete a minimum of 45 semester hours are taken at UIW and at least 36 hours must be upper division credits.  Active-duty military students must take a minimum of 30 hours, or at least 25% of the total degree plan, at UIW.