Computer Information System (B.S.)

Minors in Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security Systems are available for students who wish to enhance their chosen field of study, since computer information systems and concepts are employed in nearly all organizations today.

Requirements for the B.S. degree with the Computer Information Systems Major:

The CIS Major consists of 58 credit hours, which include the following 43 hours of required courses plus one or more specializations that culminate in a capstone course experience to integrate and demonstrate what was learned in a useful and meaningful way.

1. CIS Foundations Courses (43 hours)

CIS 1301Computer Information Systems

ECON 2302Principles of Microeconomics

Hardware and Software

CIS 2328Hardware and Systems Software

CIS 2340Windows Operating Systems

CIS 2350UNIX/Linux Operating Systems


CIS 2330Programming Languages I

CIS 2368Website Development I


CIS 2335Network +

CIS 3367Networks and Telecommunications

Career Development

CIS 3319Internship in CIS

CIS 4190Seminar in Computer Information Systems


CIS 4390CIS Capstone


CIS 43RCHHonors Project in Computer Information Systems


CIS 3362Systems Analysis and Design

CIS 4310Management of Technology

CIS 4340Windows Systems Security

2. CIS Specialization Requirements (15 hours):

Students must complete the following three unique courses within at least one specialization, plus two courses chosen from any other specialization.

Computer Networking

CIS 3325Linux Networking

CIS 3340Client-Server Networking

CIS 4355Cloud Computing

Computer Programming

CIS 3330Programming Languages II

CIS 3360Computer Science

CIS 4330Object Oriented Programming

Website Development

CIS 3310Database Management Systems

CIS 3365Website Development II

CIS 4375Creating Dynamic Websites

Emerging Technologies

CIS 3380Emerging Technologies

CIS 4380Virtual Environments

COMM 4305Communications, Technology, and Society

Cyber Security

CIS 3335/CSEC 3335Cryptography

CIS 3345Digital Forensics

CIS 4370Computer Network Security