Animation and Game Design--Modeling Concentration (B.F.A.)

Requirements for a major in 3D Animation and Game Design:

1. ANGD Core Courses

ANGD 1101Orientation to Animation and Game Design

ANGD 1102Elements of Design Seminar

ANGD 1312Hard Surface Modeling

ANGD 1313Game Engines

ANGD 1314Organic Modeling

ANGD 1315Principles of Animation

ANGD 2330History of Animation

ANGD 3315Visual Narrative Conventions

ANGD 3330History of Games

ANGD 4100Animation Industry Seminar

ANGD 4140Senior Thesis Workshop

ANGD 4305Senior Portfolio

ANGD 4340Business of Animation and Game Design

ANGD 4440Senior Thesis Production I

ANGD 4450Senior Thesis Production II

2. Modeling Concentration Courses

ANGD 1380Anatomy for the Animator

ANGD 2321Rigging

ANGD 2333Environment Production Arts I

ANGD 2334Environment Production Arts II

ANGD 2341Period Styles

ANGD 2361Character Modeling I

ANGD 3325Figure Drawing for Animators

ANGD 3331Environmental Production Arts III

ANGD 3332Environmental Production Arts IV

ANGD 3361Character Modeling II

ANGD 4100: Must take six times.  RELS 4399, Sacred Spaces, will satisfy the PHIL 3375, Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art and Beauty, requirement.