Mathematics (B.S.)


55 semester hours in Mathematics and supporting areas including:

A. Mathematics Core (24 hours)

MATH 2312Calculus I

MATH 2313Calculus II

MATH 2314Differential Equations

MATH 2322Linear Algebra

MATH 3314Calculus III

MATH 3320Foundations of Higher Mathematics

MATH 3325Abstract Algebra and Number Theory

MATH 3350Introduction to Real Analysis

B. Mathematics Electives (24 hours)

Mathematics (MATH) courses at the 2000 level or higher, including 12 credit hours at the 3000 level or higher.

C. One computer language course (3 hours)

MATH/ENGR 2340 is recommended to meet this requirement. Other courses in VB, C/C++, Java or other high level languages offered by the CIS department can also be used to meet this requirement.

D. Calculus-based Physics with Lab (4 hours)

PHYS 2305 or PHYS 2306 with a lab can be used to meet this requirement.

Both the BA and the BS in mathematics require a minor in an approved discipline or an approved interdisciplinary minor.