Chemistry (B.S.)

Students contemplating a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry should begin the introductory and organic chemistry sequence (CHEM 1301, CHEM 2311, and CHEM 2312) the fall semester of their freshman year or as soon as they satisfy the math pre-requisite. MATH 2312 and MATH 2313 should be completed by the end of the sophomore year if possible.


1. 59-60 semester hours distributed as follows:

I. Support courses:

BIOL 1402General Biology I for Majors and Laboratory

MATH 2312Calculus I

MATH 2313Calculus II

PHYS 2305Physics I

PHYS 2105Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 2306Physics II

PHYS 2106Physics Laboratory II

II. Introductory Chemistry courses:

CHEM 1301Chemical Principles I

CHEM 1101Chemical Principles Laboratory I

CHEM 1302Chemical Principles II

CHEM 1102Chemical Principles Laboratory II

*Note:  CHEM 1203L, General Chemistry Laboratory, is equivalent to the combination of CHEM 1101, Chemical Principles I Laboratory, and CHEM 1102, Chemical Principles II Laboratory.

III. Foundation Chemistry Courses:

CHEM 2311Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 2111Organic Chemistry Laboratory I

CHEM 3321Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 3221Quantitative Analysis Laboratory

CHEM 3341Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 4351/BIOL 4351Biochemistry I

CHEM 4251/BIOL 4251Biochemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 4331Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics

CHEM 4231Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics Laboratory

CHEM 3160Introduction to Chemistry Research and Careers

IV. In-Depth Courses:

CHEM 2312Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 2112Organic Chemistry Laboratory II

CHEM 3342Coordination and Solid State Chemistry

CHEM 3142Experimental Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 4322Instrumental Analysis

CHEM 4222Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

CHEM 4432Physical Chemistry II Quantum Mechanics and Lab

CHEM 4260Advanced Chemical Research

*Two semesters of CHEM 4160 may be substituted for CHEM 4260.

V. Chemistry Electives:

One 3 or 4 hour chemistry course selected from any upper-division chemistry offering not listed above.  The courses listed below are highly recommended for Chemistry majors but are not required.

MATH 2303Introduction to Probability and Statistics

CHEM 4352/BIOL 4352Biochemistry II