Clinical Research (B.S.)

Core Curriculum Requirements (43 hours):

ENGL 1311 and ENGL 1312 6
DWHP 1200 or 3200 2
Physical activity course (See PEHP) 1
PHIL 1381 3
RELS 1305 3
PHIL 3333 3
ENGL 2310 3
Fine or Applied Arts (Art, Art History, Dance,
  Music, Music Appreciation, Theater) 3
MATH 2303 3
Natural Science (CHEM course counted in major) 4
HIST 1311, HIST 1312, HIST 1321, HIST 1322 3
PSYC 1301 3
Modern Language (six hours in one language) 6

Major Requirements

Clinical Research Course Requirements (48 Hours):

BIOL 4350HBioethics

CLRS 3310Principles of Clinical Research

CLRS 3320Basics of Pharmacology

CLRS 3330Clinical Trials I

CLRS 3350New Product Development

CLRS 3360Regulatory Affairs I

CLRS 3410Scientific Literature Review

CLRS 4250Senior Seminar

CLRS 4310Regulatory Affairs II

CLRS 4320Data Management

CLRS 4330Clinical Trials II

CLRS 4410Senior Internship

ENGL 3370Writing for Science and Engineering

NMED 3210Health Assessment and Communication for Nuclear Medicine Technologist

RSCH 4301Research Methods and Techniques

Support Course Requirements (18 hours):

BIOL 2321Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 2322Anatomy and Physiology II

BIOL 2474/2474LIntroductory Microbiology and Lab

CHEM 1320Biological Chemistry for Health Professions

MATH 3333Application of Statistical Methods

Writing Literacy Course Requirements (6 Hours):

ENGL 2365Professional and Technical Communication

RSCH 1100Introduction to Information Literacy

REHS 2350Medical Terminology and Documentation in Patient Care

Note:  Given that students may be drawn from other undergraduate health majors, all support courses (CHEM, PSYC, and NUTR) and Core courses must meet the minimum levels established; however, substitutions will be individually assessed.