Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Interdisciplinary Studies Requirement

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

EDUC 2305Foundations of Education

HIST 1322The United States Since 1865

HIST 2322Texas History

ENGL 3385Integrated Language Arts

MATH 2374Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

MATH 2375Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II

EDSI 2374Physical Science for Elementary Teachers

EDSI 2375Earth and Space Science for Elementary Teachers

PEHP 3305Motor Development, Fitness, and Health

EDUC 3330Social Studies Instruction

EDUC 3325Child Development and Play

Reading Minor

EDUC 3307Essentials of Literacy Instruction

EDUC 3327Developing the Fluent Reader

EDUC 3337Developing the Strategic Reader

EDUC 3347Differentiating Literacy Instruction

Special Education Sequence

EDUC 2315Survey of Students in Diverse and Inclusive Settings

EDUC 3343Teaching Students with Learning Differences

EDUC 3346Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Professional Development Sequence

EDUC 3340Instructional Technology

EDUC 3367Teaching Children in Kindergarten and Early Childhood Settings

EDUC 3373Learning Theories

EDUC 3375Teaching Children in Primary Grades

EDUC 3377Teaching Children in the Intermediate Grades

EDUC 3379Instruction and Assessment

EDUC 3385Culturally Responsive Teaching

EDUC 4305Clinical Teaching Seminar

EDUC 4905Clinical Teaching