Spanish (B.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses in the major: For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

1. 33 semester hours of Spanish courses as follows:

A. Language requirements (9 hours)

SPAN 2311Intermediate Spanish I: Oral Communication

SPAN 2312Intermediate Spanish II: Writing

SPAN 3301Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition

B. Linguistics requirements (6 hours)

SPAN 3321Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 3322Spanish Phonetics and Oral Communication

NOTE: In addition to SPAN 3321 and SPAN 3322, candidates for teacher certification must take SPAN 3337, Applied Linguistics for Teaching, for a total of 9 hours to fulfill the Linguistics requirement.

C. Literature requirements (6 hours)

SPAN 3331Spanish Literature to 1700


SPAN 3332Spanish Literature Since 1700


SPAN 3341Spanish-American Literature to Modernism


SPAN 3342Spanish-American Literature since Modernism

D. Culture requirements (6 hours)

SPAN 3311Culture and Civilization of Spain

SPAN 3312Culture and Civilization of Latin America

E. Electives in Spanish to complete the required 33 hours in the major.

2. A minor in any other field, or an approved interdisciplinary concentration of 18 semester hours, including 6 upper-division hours.