Interdisciplinary Concentration in International Affairs

Government Course Descriptions

(18 hours total plus Study Abroad). Study Abroad experience may be satisfied through semester abroad, course-based study abroad, or internship abroad.


1. 6 semester hours of required courses:

GOVT 2305Introduction to Political Studies

GOVT 2320International Relations

2. 6 hours from Group I: Fine Arts and Humanities:

ARTH 2361Art History: Ancient Through Medieval

ARTH 2362Art History: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 3350Latin American Art: 20th Century

ARTH 3357History of Photography

ARTH 4350Modern Art of Mexico

CLST 3325Cultural Studies Theory

CLST 2320Cultural Studies Method: Inquiry and Evidence

CLST 4399Selected Topics in Cultural Studies

ENGL 2310World Literature Studies

ENGL 4320Period Studies

ENGL 4340Major Authors

ENGL 4350Literary Movements

HIST 1311World History, Part I

HIST 1312World History, Part II

HIST 3331Colonial Latin America

HIST 3332Latin America Since Independence

HIST 3340Modern Europe

HIST 4325Global Human Rights

HIST 4336Topics in Chinese History

HIST 4338Topics in South Asian History

HIST 4350Topics in World History

HIST 4332Mexico

MUSI 3348Studies in World Music

PHIL 3325Philosophy of Culture

PHIL 3355World Philosophy

PHIL 3385Justice: Tradition and Transformation

RELS 3322Christianity through Art

RELS 3350Environmental Theology and Ethics

RELS 4345Theologies of Liberation

SPAN 3311Culture and Civilization of Spain

SPAN 3312Culture and Civilization of Latin America

ENGL 4320, ENGL 4340: When appropriate

3. 6 hours from Group II: Social Sciences and Business:

ANTH 1311Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 3332/SOCI 3332Culturology and Cross-Cultural Communication

ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 4310International Economics

ECON 4350Latin American Economics

BINT 3331International Business Management

BINT 3345/ACCT 3345International Accounting

BINT 3355/BFIN 3355International Banking and Finance

BINT 3361International Marketing

BINT 4390International Policies and Relations

GOVT 1391Human Rights

GOVT 2350Environmental Politics

GOVT 2375International Organizations

GOVT 2376Model Organization of American States

GOVT 3356Terrorism and Conflict in the International Arena

GOVT 3376Model United Nations

GOVT 4321U.S. Foreign Policy

GOVT 4322National Security Policy

GOVT 4323Politics of Coffee and Sugar

GOVT 4330International Law

GOVT 4355Politics of Developing Areas

GOVT 4363Political Globalization

GOVT 4387Topics in Comparative Politics/International Relations

GOVT 4387Topics in Comparative Politics/International Relations

4. Study Abroad Experience

(May be satisfied through semester abroad or internship abroad)