Government (B.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses in the major: For a current degree sequence, please visit the department’s website.

Government Majors must choose from the following degree tracks:

  • American Politics
  • Comparative Politics/International Relations

Government majors must also complete either a minor or an interdisciplinary concentration in addition to the major. With the approval of their academic advisor, students may construct an individualized interdisciplinary minor. Students who are majoring in Government and taking the concentration in Pre-Law may not count courses toward both the major and the concentration with the exception of GOVT 1315.

39 semester hours are required for the major in Government, as follows:

1. 21 semester hours of required courses:

GOVT 1315American Politics

GOVT 1316State and Local Politics

GOVT 2305Introduction to Political Studies

GOVT 2310Comparative Politics

GOVT 2320International Relations

GOVT 2325Social Science Research Methods

SOCI 3381/CRJU 3381Statistics for Behavioral Sciences

MATH 2303Introduction to Probability and Statistics

2. 18 semester hours selected from courses listed under one of the following tracks (A or B):

A. American Politics:

GOVT 1391Human Rights

GOVT 2342Law and Social Justice in Movies and Novels

GOVT 2350Environmental Politics

GOVT 2392/CRJU 2392U.S. Legal System

GOVT 3300U.S. Congress

GOVT 3305U.S. Presidency

GOVT 3353Texas Legislative Process

GOVT 3371Political Theory

GOVT 3376Model United Nations

GOVT 4315Constitutional Law I: Institutional Powers

GOVT 4316Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

GOVT 4317Public Policy

GOVT 4321U.S. Foreign Policy

GOVT 4325Political Behavior

GOVT 4335Parties and Elections

GOVT 4365Political Economy

GOVT 4385Topics in American Politics

B. Comparative Politics/International Relations:

Students who choose to focus in Comparative Politics/International Relations must complete three courses designated as Comparative Politics and three courses designated as International Relations.

1. Select three Comparative Politics courses from the following:
GOVT 1391Human Rights

GOVT 2350Environmental Politics

GOVT 3350European Politics

GOVT 3351Asian Politics

GOVT 3352Politics of the Middle East

GOVT 3371Political Theory

GOVT 4335Parties and Elections

GOVT 4355Politics of Developing Areas

GOVT 4356Latin American and Caribbean Politics

GOVT 4365Political Economy

GOVT 4387Topics in Comparative Politics/International Relations

2. Select three International Relations courses from the following:
GOVT 2375International Organizations

GOVT 2376Model Organization of American States

GOVT 3356Terrorism and Conflict in the International Arena

GOVT 3376Model United Nations

BINT 4310/ECON 4310International Economics

BINT 4310/ECON 4310International Economics

BLAW 4320International Business Law

GOVT 4321U.S. Foreign Policy

GOVT 4322National Security Policy

GOVT 4323Politics of Coffee and Sugar

GOVT 4330International Law

GOVT 4363Political Globalization

GOVT 4387Topics in Comparative Politics/International Relations