English (B.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses in the major

For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

1. 39 semester hours in English (27 hours above the core).

A. Core (9 hours)

ENGL 1311Composition I


ENGL 1311LComposition I with Lab


ENGL 1312Composition II

ENGL 2310World Literature Studies

B. Surveys (9 hours)

Students must select nine hours from the following:

ENGL 3351English Literature I

ENGL 3352English Literature II

ENGL 3391American Literature Survey I

ENGL 3392American Literature Survey II

C. English Emphasis Elective Options (12 hours):

1 Literary Studies and Criticism Emphasis (6 hours):

Students must take at least 6 hours from the Literary Studies and Criticism Emphasis area.

ENGL 2360Literary Theory

ENGL 3330Genre Studies

ENGL 3340Women's Writing

ENGL 4320Period Studies

ENGL 4340Major Authors

ENGL 4350Literary Movements

2. Creative Writing Emphasis (3 hours):

Students must take at least 3 hours from the Creative Writing Emphasis area.

ENGL 2375Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 3375Creative Writing

ENGL 4375Advanced Creative Writing

3. Rhetoric and Professional Writing Emphasis (3 hours):

Students must take at least 3 hours from the Rhetoric and Professional Writing Emphasis area.

ENGL 2365Professional and Technical Communication

ENGL 3305Advanced Composition

ENGL 3350Writing for Business

ENGL 3355Introduction to Rhetorical Theory

ENGL 3357Visual Rhetoric

ENGL 3360Rhetorical Criticism

ENGL 3363Ethics in Technical Communication

ENGL 3365Editing and Publishing

ENGL 3367Technical Editing

ENGL 3369Writing for the Web

ENGL 3370Writing for Science and Engineering

ENGL 4355Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

D. English Elective Courses (6 hour)

Students must complete 6 additional hours of English elective courses chosen from any of the emphasis areas.

ENGL 4301Senior Seminar

E. Senior Seminar (capstone course)

ENGL 4301Senior Seminar

2. The minimum GPA requirement for the successful “major” in English:

The minimum GPA requirement for a student to progress towards a degree in English is a 3.0 in English and a 2.75 overall, beginning with the first semester at UIW.  Every student who drops below 3.0 GPA is reported to the chairperson of the English Department and is placed on one semester of scholastic probation.

3. Special Topics and Independent Study

From time to time, the English Department may offer a course that is unrelated to the above descriptions. Such courses will be widely publicized and offered as Special Topics.

Under exceptional circumstances, a student may propose a course of study that is not covered by existing courses. If a faculty member is agreeable, this may then be followed as an Independent Study. Independent Study is NOT intended as a way of replacing an incomplete course or one that has been closed.

4. English may be taken with a minor of 18 hours, with a minimum of 6 hours at the advanced level.

Subjects that may be studied include Visual Art, History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, a social science, Business Administration, or a concentration in a Business-related field.